Buck Road Animal Hospital has a pet salon for your full-service grooming needs.  This grooming service is available to anyone.   Pets are not required to be a medical patient at the hospital to be groomed in our salon.  All pets will need to be up-to-date on core vaccines*.  

       Pet grooming is rarely a one-time thing.  Many breeds need to be groomed every 4-12 weeks throughout their life to maintain a healthy skin and coat.  This is why it's so important they enjoy the experience.   When you put your trust in us, you can be sure that your pets will be well-groomed in a gentle and low stress environment. They will receive the care and attention they deserve.  We strive to provide the highest level of grooming services in the area.  Put your trust in the gentle and compassionate pet grooming salon within Buck Road Animal Hospital. 

Prices vary according to breed, size, condition of pet's coat and behavior. 

Spa Bath

Spa Bath

A soothing shampoo/conditioner, massage, blow dry, a thorough brush out, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Small            $80 and up 

                                                                                    Medium        $90 and up

Large            $100 and up

Extra Large  $120 and up

Maintenance Groom

Maintenance Groom

Includes entire Spa Bath and trimming around eyes, face, feet and rear.

Small             $95 and up

Medium         $105 and up

Large             $125 and up

Extra Large  $150 and up

                                                            Standard Poodle size curly coated breeds ranging from $125-$150

                                                        Large Double coated Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees and giant Nordic breeds start at $150+

Full Groom

Full Groom Package

Includes entire Spa Bath and full all over haircut/style according to client consult and breed specifications. 

Small            $105 and up

Medium        $115 and up

                                                                                    Large            $125 and up

        Extra Large  $150-$250 and up

                                                                     Standard Poodle sized curly or mixed coats ranging from $130-$250

                                                                                Full scissored haircuts to trim extra large dogs $200+

       Hi! My name is Andrea and I am the groomer within Buck Road Animal Hospital. I knew I wanted to work with animals since I was young.   I started as a bather at PetSmart in June 2006 and went to their grooming academy a year later. I worked for PetSmart for 8 years and then moved on to private owned grooming shops. I love animals in general, but my favorite dogs to groom are Yorkies and Poodles. Your pets well-being and happiness means the world to me so please bring your fur babies to me for an appointment. 


*Vaccine Requirements*

                                              Dogs: Must be up-to-date on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (Kennel Cough Vaccines)

                                Cats: Must be up-to-date on Rabies and Feline Distemper (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)

Additional Policies

                      If fleas are discovered, the hospital staff will immediately treat your pet with an appropriate oral or topical flea preventative.

                   Prices may be adjusted upon the discretion of the groomer.  Behaviors and conditions that add significant time and work will              be factored into the final price.  Aggression, disobedience,  geriatric, illness, extreme coat conditions may result in a price adjustment. 


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Feedback from our clients

  • "Thanks for everything you did for Ready !
    Obviously he loved you all !"
    Bart V.
  • "I will continue to bring my furkids to Buck Road. They are absolutely wonderful with my dog and have been a great resource for my cat who suffers from allergies and kidney problems. They really care about their patients and their humans, and listen to me when I have concerns. They are never, ever overcrowded. Usually there is maybe one other dog in the waiting room. That is a relief and keeps everyone's stress levels down! The facility is clean and staff is always friendly and willing to walk you through, step by step, the treatment plan ahead. I never leave feeling confused. I love this place - and we keep coming back despite moving pretty far away!"
    Courtny S.
  • "Awesome staff ~ great veterinary care ~ Dutch is lucky to have such wonderful professionals looking after him!"
    Beverly B.
  • "A top notch practice. Highly recommend."
    Jason D.
  • "I've been bringing my pets to Buck Road Animal Hospital almost from the time they started and I have never had anything but positive experiences there. The staff feel like friends to me and they always make you feel like they're happy to see you and your pets. The vets take their time with you and your pets and they go out of their way to give you any information you might need about a pet's condition or treatment. I have A LOT of pets and some of my dogs have aggression issues but you'd never know it to see them there. They understand how to make any animal feel at ease and even my most difficult dog is welcomed there. I'd never go anywhere else. Best veterinary practice anywhere."
    Mary K.
  • "I have been a client of Buck Road Animal Hospital for 30 years..and they are the all the greatest caring friendly kind people..I would not go anywhere else..They go out of there way to accommodate you..They are Number 1..Hats off to Caroline Renee Leanne Donna Lindie and to the best vets Dr Steve and Dr Mary Pat."
    Carole M.
  • "Probably the greatest animal hospital of all-time. The staff is superb, and the Doctors are as kind and knowledgeable as they come. Can't wait for our next visit!"
    Andrew S.